A Bow Wow Park in Pennsauken? You gotta be kidding!

Have you checked out the new issue of All Around Pennsauken? I can’t believe the township committee is using $24,600.00 in grant money to build a BOW WOW DOG PARK across from Franklin School (Cooper Ave)!  This neighborhood is full of single family homes with yards for their dogs to run in.  No lack of green space here! It’s a beautiful green park where our children from Franklin School have recess to play, complete with swings, monkey bars and tennis courts.

So, now we’ll have a big doggie park and a little doggie park.  Who is going to pay for the pooper scooper?  Who is paying for the chemicals that will be needed to maintain the green grass from the urine?  Who is going to monitor the dogs using the area without a leash? And won’t a double-fenced-in area make a lovely addition to the luscious green lawn that is there now!

I know that this was grant money, but are my tax dollars going to support this? I think we should tell the Township Committee to have the grant writers look for things we need, like replacing sinking concrete streets, putting sidewalks along Haddonfield Rd (and other streets), fix or replace missing street signs, replacing aging water/sewerage lines. Come on, Town Committee. Do we really need a BOW WOW DOG PARK? We can be more responsible than that!

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22 Responses to A Bow Wow Park in Pennsauken? You gotta be kidding!

  1. Former Democrat says:

    This is why I re-registered. Outrageous that I have to pay for a place to have DOGS play when if you take a look at the playgrounds for our CHILDREN they are delapidated, graffti covered and unmaintained. Yet we can spend 25K on a place for dogs to play? This is why I will never support a spend thrift Democrat again, to let this money go to such waste should be a crime. Green Acres money is supposed to be used for the betterment of the community. I don’t think we should be worrying about having a place where dogs can relieve themselves, how about more open spaces for TAXPAYERS. Why not clean up the Acme site with the money? Make that a park for residents?
    Who was the author of this grant?

  2. Pennsauken Watcher says:

    I guess “Buddy” Orth gets a vote too. This has his paws written all over it.

  3. John Smith says:

    Here we go again. No matter what the township does you bash it. There aren’t any grants for mundane items like sidewalks, sewer lines or street signs. There are grants for things like a dog park. So the twp. went for it. And now, as usual on this site, they get bashed. Can’t win.


  4. newrep says:

    Hey John welcome to the site.
    You may be unaware but grants are secured for the benefit of the citizens of a municipality. While one could argue that the very tiny amount of people who own dogs (at least if you go by Dog Licenses) as compared to the rest of the town who doesn’t…. it does just stand to reason that securing a grant for a playground would have been a better use of the money. You can absolutely use grant money for the improvement and design for a playground, and there are many of them in this town that could use a sprucing up.
    John you are absolutely welcome here, we are an open community but if you think for a millesecond that the taxpayers who are petitioning their government for a change (because it is long overdue no matter what your affliation) are going to applaud the waste and abuse of this Twp Committee then you aren’t quite getting the gist of what we are doing here.
    There are no lies, just citizens with opinions. We’re all entitled to them John Smith, so comment with us but don’t ask us to stop informing the people of this Town what is happening to their tax dollars.

  5. newrep says:

    Oh and a question, are unlicensed dogs going to be permitted in the park?
    Hmmmmmmmmm. Who is going to enforce that? What if I am bitten by an unlicensed dog. Do I sue just you the dog owner or now the Twp for allowing unlicensed dogs into a Township operated dog park?

    Got a beat on that answer John?

  6. Johhny Boy says:

    Hey John,
    If you don’t like the truth, then stop reading the site. And I guess you are going to say that the “dogs” in Pennsauken are more important then our children, since the township is taking away 5 baseball fields from our children and PYAA!!!! As you see, the priorities are all messed up with these “boys” of town. One other thing, I hope you are the one who loses your job cutting the township grass, since their are putting astroturf down. Then, you will be the first one bashing and complaining!!! So pack your bags….CHANGE IS COMING!!!!!

  7. John Smith says:

    Johhny Boy (shouldn’t that be johNNy Boy??) Taking away fields, what about the 7 new fields at the recreation complex on Westfield Ave.?? That was grant money too.


  8. sauken1 says:

    John the new fields on Westfield are only soccer fields (which are under lock and key), the baseball fields being taken away are the ones at the PIT so that the township can use the grant money from the DRPA to put up lights and atroturf football field. The town committee seem to apply for grant money and then figure out how to use it. The township has many great parks but over the years the town father’s have closed or limit the use of basketball courts, baseball fields. There are some fields that are not being kept up. There is one field on Haddonfield Rd that if a good child hits a ball it will be in the middle of four lanes of traffic. The fields are Delaware Gardens have a backstop but the field is now grass over. It is a shame the the residents of this town have started to lose the pride we once had and step up to take care of these areas on our own.

  9. Pennsauken Watcher says:

    The Recreation Complex is not open for public field use, did I miss something? Are those fields supposed to ungated for public access? If so someone better get ahold of the contractor because he charged us for fencing that he needs to remove.

  10. Jake says:

    Yes, the playgrounds in town are a disgrace, and even with being taxed enough already by this greedy township, my kids cannot play at the closest playground because it is filled with graffiti and trash. I clean it every time I go down there, but not enough others are doing the same like we all used to several years ago. The good old boys of this town are running it into the ground – from the disrepair of the playgrounds, to what has happened with the schools in ten short years, to the failure of the waterfront redevelopment, the Mart site, the corruption, the high taxes, and now a dog park – are you kidding?!? This resident is completely sick and tired of business as usual. If every town around us can figure out how to make it work, why can’t we seem to get it together – it is because the good old boys of this town only care about themselves.

  11. Tony A, says:

    I thought Doggie Parks were for cities like Philadelphia that don’t have back yards for dogs to get exercise. Franklin school area is not a good location because people from extreme areas in Pennsauken will have to transport their pets across town. That would be inconvenient.

    I have an idea. Lets build one at the vacant lot formerly the Pennsauken Mart. It is strategically located near an interstate highway. Pennsylvania residents can let their dogs exercise and do their duties on the way to the Jersey shore.

  12. Tony A, says:

    Is John Smith a Township Committee man?

  13. Sally B says:

    John Smith a Township Committeeman? No, not yet. But he’s the next best thing to being there. Can you say School Board “MM”? And rumored to be Taylor’s replacement WHEN he steps down from committeeman mid season as they all have done in the past 25 years in order to appoint a replacement that won’t have to run until the full term is up. Cute, huh?

  14. sauken1 says:

    Just read the Ordinance 2010:26 in the Retrospect 9/24/10, does the Township Committe have anything better to do? Persons using this dog park have to be 18 years old…must have a special registration tag (in addition to dog license)…if you bring your child under 12 with you than they must hold your hand…any dog that barks continuously or excessively will be removed…..Who is paying for the inspector to sit there and maintain all of these regulations? Have the police do it? Did not the township just state that the police had to take furlough days ….so now my taxes will go up to pay for an employee with a pension….Ok my question is who on the town committee has a family/friend that needs a job? Let’s leave it as a park for all to enjoy.

  15. Jay says:

    I’d just like to say I’m a Pennsauken resident, and I love the new dog park. It’s a great way to beautify an otherwise unused field that was rapidly declining due to neglect. It’s wonderful that as a dog owner, I have a safe place to bring my dogs to play in that is secure and where they can interact with other dogs. Kudos to the township for the wonderful job they did. I have no children, yet I didn’t mind when the township spent considerable money rebuilding the playground area, because I realize that it helps create a good sense of community for the area residents, much as this dog park will hopefully do.

  16. Deb says:

    As a person who actually lives in the neighborhood and has dogs, I think the park is a great use of the space. I moved into the neighborhood in 2003, and the park has not been used for a baseball game since I have been here, but dog owners have been letting their dogs socialize there in goups for years. The grass has still been as green without chemical treatment, people pick up after their dogs, and I have never seen a fight or heard of a person being bothered by any of the dogs.

    Dogs are social animals and it’s great for them to actually be able to run in an enclosed area. People in the neighborhood talk while their dogs play, and I think it has fostered a sense of community. I speak to more people in this neighborhood than anywhere else I’ve ever lived.

    This neighborhood has a great walking trail and a very nice kids park. This is a great addition, and much better than going to the Cooper River dog park, or all the way to Marlton’s Freedom Park.

    And by the way, rules are posted at the park so that we can self manage ourselves on the rules. Republican government means less government because citizens should be trusted to enforce themselves on what are some pretty easy rules to follow.

  17. Lucy V says:

    During our current economic crises, $25,000 seems like a lot of money to spend on an over-sized playpen for dogs, even if it is with grant money. I’m just saying…

  18. FedUp says:

    I’m with Jay and Deb. That field was disgusting, now mostly rocks and grass/dirt combo. People that take their dog to a dogpark are the same people that pickup after them. Your dog should be licensed with the Twp allowing you access with no additional permit/tag needed. As for the kids – this space was used as an area for them to hide and do God knows what. Every other kid park has been destroyed so I’m glad the money didn’t go to waste on something that would be trashed or burned down like Baldwin school’s.

  19. Bill Z says:

    Does the Pennsauken dogpark have a small dog area ?

    Bill Z

  20. JoAnn Young says:

    From what I remember hearing at a township committee meeting, there will be two separate areas…one for large dogs & one for small dogs.

  21. megan hartling says:

    Just wanted to say your really ignorant, if pennsauken wants to have it then they want to so go complain about other things

  22. Lucy V says:

    Yes, that’s right, Megan. Let the government have anything and everything they want on the taxpayer’s dime. You DO know where grant money comes from, don’t you?

    And then we have no right to object? Who’s the ignorant one here?

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